Food for Thought..

Here is everything that I carry in my purse to and from work each day.


This is just a little food for thought. I’m not sure if I am the only one but these days it is a very rare occasion if I have any cash on me. I will seriously go months without touching any money. My main bank is in California and with credit cards and mobile deposits I haven’t felt a need to get a new bank over on this coast so I literally never have cash. ALL of my expenses go into my credit card. Can you say REWARDS?! Anyways that’s getting off topic.

Since I walk to work (and home for lunch) each day I typically get asked at least once by a homeless person for money or spare change. Considering I never have cash I politely say “I’m so sorry I don’t carry any cash on me” which is 100% true. I always wonder if this generation of homeless people gets less “donations” each day since credit cards are so popular. Even my husband who has a local bank rarely has cash on him.

This last week when walking a woman asked me for any spare change. After giving my normal response she glared at me and mumbled under her breath “I know you have some.” As weird as it was, in that moment I felt judged and wanted to pull out my wallet to show her. Obviously I didn’t but I just wonder how many people use the same legitimate excuse as me every day.

I must admit I am not one to usually fork over money when asked anyways. In the past I have offered to buy groceries or a meal instead. About half actually accept. This just really got me thinking. Am I the norm these days or the oddity?


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