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My YouTube Yoga Obsession

I have never been a huge fan of going to yoga classes. Not because I don’t like yoga, I actually really enjoy doing yoga. The reason I’m not too fond of the classes is because I have scoliosis and instructors are usually pretty hands on. Basically I still feel a little insecure and embarrassed when an instructor comes to correct my alignment just to realize it’s actually my scoliosis. I’m trying to not be so insecure these days but I have to admit in past classes I’ve had to hold back tears.

This is where YouTube yoga comes in! I came across Yoga with Adriene online years ago and have been hooked ever since. She is funny, relaxing and totally relatable! Her motto in Yoga and in life is to just “find what feels good.” She doesn’t take herself too seriously and I honestly think she could be my best friend if we met in person. She has tons of fun free videos online that I love to do in the mornings before work and even some shorter videos that are great before bed at night. She has Yoga for Weight Loss, Yoga for Healing, Yoga for Beginners, a 30 day Yoga Challenge, and even short instructional videos that step you through certain poses. I have even recently got my mom interested in her too!

Although I still venture out to a Yoga Studio on occasion, I love being able to maintain my practice with Adriane while I work on my insecurities. I must say there is nothing better than rolling out of bed right onto your mat to enjoy a stimulating 50 minutes of Yoga while your Chihuahua puppy licks your face with encouragement!

Okay so the dogs can get annoying at times, but they are just so cute I can’t get mad. Be sure to check out Yoga with Adriene to find what feels good, I promise she will not disappoint!


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