Christmas Bucket List 

Halloween is over which basically means it’s Christmas right??! I have to admit I was a little excited/shocked when I went to Costco last week and saw all the Christmas Decorations already for sale. My thought process went something along the lines of, “OMG Yay Christmas trees! …Wait. What, it’s not even Halloween yet.”

Christmas is one of those holidays that I just LOVE. Growing up my dad and I would always go ALL OUT with our outdoor décor and my mom would always convert our house into a Christmas wonderland. So this year with us being homeless for the first few weeks in December and then moving into a new home I doubt things are going to get very festive. Especially since we don’t even know if we’ll be in our new home by Christmas! For me this is pretty unfortunate. All I want to do is wear my favorite Holiday sweater (and socks!) and sip on some hot cocoa as I hang tree lights while wrapped up in my softest fleece blanket as the Hanson’s Christmas CD plays in the background. Is that too much to ask??

So since that probably isn’t going to happen I’ve put together a Christmas Bucket List of all the things I would like to do in December to help maintain my Holiday Cheer!

1. Uptown Charlotte Tree Lighting

  • Coming together with all my friends and neighbors for the Uptown Tree Lighting is the perfect way to jump start the holiday season.

2. Christmas in Davidson

  • My husband is originally from Davidson so he grew up going to this festival every year. It’s a great way to experience that “small town” vibe. They close off Main Street and have fun activities set up like roasting marsh mellows, carriage rides, and Christmas tree decorating contests. I love to walk around at night while sipping something sweet from Summit Coffee and browse all the local vendors that are set up.

3. The Nutcracker

  • I have been begging Chappy to take me to this for a few years now. Since we’re not getting a tree and probably not going to have any time to unpack our decorations I think I can get him to finally fold!

4. Holiday on Ice 

  • This is another thing Chappy and I have had on the agenda for a few years now. This is a great outdoor rink that goes up in Uptown Charlotte every year right at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. It is so conveniently located but somehow we always miss it! This year we are making it a top priority.

5. McAdenville Christmas Light

  • Since we won’t be putting up our own Christmas lights, driving through McAdenville will be a fantastic substitute. All the pretty, festive lights without any of the hard work!

Now let’s just hope for a Christmas miracle so that we can actually be moved into our new place before Christmas. Preferably unpacked if that’s not too much to ask!


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