Today I feel like Britney Spears..

And not in the “famous, hot, I’m a pop star” way. I got through these phases where I relate to the Britney who shaved her head. She must be from The South. When I moved here from California I had long hair. Like really long…


The only real weather I had to deal with in California was Santa Ana winds so when I moved here and was introduced to humidity my world was rocked. I used to air dry my hair, here that can take a solid 10 hours in the peak of summer. No thank you! After almost 4 years of living (and suffering) in the South I finally broke down one morning back in 2012, made an emergency hair appointment and chopped off 12 inches. 

I blame my wedding for making me grow out my hair again. After growing it a bit longer for that and then chopping it short again my mind said “why not grow it out, you always loved your long hair.”

Now 6 months later I remembered that I only loved my long hair when I lived in California. There is a hugeee difference in up keep over there compared to the South. The past summer was filled with lots of buns and now with winter right around the corner the static has already started. I’ll admit it. I’m also kind of lazy. I don’t want to spend 50 minutes drying my hair every morning and I’m not about to walk to work in the freezing weather with wet hair either. So this morning I went to another emergency appointment and off it came!


Phew! Thank goodness for the amazing stylist at Signature Style in Cornelius or I might have resorted to using Chappy’s clippers. (EEK!) I always like to play around with my hair because it’s just hair! Mine grows like a weed anyways so I’m never too nervous about cutting too much off.

No Britney Bald for me this winter!


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