Wedding Anniversary!

As I think back to our Wedding Day, I cannot believe it has already been almost a year! I wish I could go back and live it all over again. The planning, the excitement, all of my friends making the cross country trek, it was such a high! Then I remember that back then we lived in a small studio apartment with two dogs and had stacks and stacks of our DIY centerpieces and decorations all over the place. Yeah, no thank you! Thinking about it now I’d much rather just re-watch the wedding video and hope my husband plans us a surprise trip back to Belize to relive our honeymoon…

(Come on, a girl can dream.)

It’s funny to think back at all the things we stressed over and laugh about the crazy things that went wrong. Here are a few of my favorite wedding blunders:

  1. First, as of Friday the 14th one groomsman hadn’t tried on or even picked up his tux yet. If that wasn’t nerve racking enough he wasn’t sure if he had set the pickup for Charlotte or Virginia and he realized this while driving down from Ashville to our Rehearsal dinner Friday night. (It ended up being Charlotte, but he didn’t make it before closing on Friday so he picked it up the morning of our wedding—and it fit! Phew!)
  2. The weather leading up to our wedding had been in the mid 70’s so we were planning to do the ceremony outdoors. Of course the Wednesday before a Canadian cold front blew in and dropped the temperatures down to the 40’s. Thank goodness for an even more beautiful indoor ceremony option at Alexander Homestead!
  3. While hiding out as the groomsmen took photos we realized we hadn’t put ANY table numbers on the back of the escort cards. Here I am frantically trying to remember who sat where.   
  4.  While walking down the aisle my train got stuck on the Videographer’s tripod. For a slight moment it looked as if I was about to run. I could see the fear in Chappy’s eyes. JK. He was crying all I could see were the tears.   
  5. During toasts Chappy’s Best Man accidently implied he drives drunk. (Which he absolutely DOES NOT DO) just to be followed up by a groomsman starting a speech with “Remember that time we got arrested.” And for the record, they were 12 at the time of the story and in fact have never been arrested together before.

Even after all of that nothing was ruined and I must say it was fun throwing the most expensive party of my life! We danced, we laughed, we cried, and after we continued the celebration at the Roxbury in Uptown Charlotte. I even got a nice little theme song out of it from my husband which can be heard HERE!



It was the best night of my life!


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