… And everyone said I would never re-watch my wedding video! To be honest, we have already watched it a few times over the last year and we plan to keep watching it for years to come! Pictures are great to look at (and decorate your house with) but our wedding video really gives us that emotional connection to the energy that filled the air during our big day.

 I highly recommend anyone who is on the fence about getting a videographer to get one! Even if you’re not on the fence and you think you don’t need one … GET ONE! I know they can be a pricey addition but they are well worth it. Also make sure you do your research! We ended up finding a great company that was thousands of dollars cheaper. 

If you’re in the Charlotte area I highly recommend Joseph at Shoeless Works  They were very professional, friendly, and totally relatable. Joseph takes the time to get to really know you which makes it feel like you have a friend hanging around, not some stranger carrying a video camera. 

Here are a few of my favorite clips from our wedding video. (And yes I did just film them with my iPhone because I am that lazy ha—really though I was having some technical difficulties with my computer so this just seemed easier) 




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