Getting Naked

Nothing is quite as freeing as stripping down to your panties on a hiking trail with your sister and a girl you went to high school with. For our one year anniversary I decided to give Chappy a book of boudoir pictures. My style is much more lace and flowers then stilettos and corsets so of course I didn’t want to partake in the typical bedroom boudoir shoot.

I decided hiking up Daley Ranch in Escondido, laying out a lace table cloth, and wearing a flower crown was much more my style. It was definitely an experience. First off I probably should have worn sneakers for the actual hiking part—oh well. The spot we decided on for the pictures was literally two feet off the trail so basically anyone passing got a little morning show. We went early to try and avoid the crowd but inevitably there were still some walkers out. 

–Side note, saying “walkers” makes me think of The Walking Dead and a bunch of zombies roaming around ha—

Anyways the best part was when a few older men walked by and tried to warn us about poison ivy. I was thankfully hidden from their view which actually made it even more uncomfortable because they proceeded to discuss poison ivy for a solid 5 minutes. Unfortunately for me it would have been too late anyways since I was laying butt naked in the middle of the brush at the time.

Overall the experience was invigorating. There really is nothing better than just owning your body in such an empowering way. Dawn, the photographer, was simply amazing. She had just taken her own boudoir pictures for her husband-to-be so she had firsthand experience on how awkward this kind of shoot can get. She was great about making everything feel and look natural. During the entire experience I felt completely comfortable and relaxed.

Truly all of Dawn’s work is simply inspiring. If my wedding hadn’t been in North Carolina I would have had her as my wedding photographer hands down. Because of that though I made sure she was going to be the one to capture my boudoir pictures. The planning involved in just keeping this from Chappy was elaborate but well worth it. Leaving my parents’ house at 5am for a “workout” just to sneak back in, get ready, and then sneak out again was all just a part of the fun!

And yes, I know most people don’t post boudoir pictures. That is why I am only posting these few. I wear fewer clothes at the beach then I have on in these pictures so I thought it would still be appropriate.


If you’re wondering the flower crown I wore in some of the pictures was made by the Hilary from Flowers by Hilary. I highly recommend both Dawn Charles Photography and Flowers by Hilary for any of your photography or floral needs! They are both extremely talented at what they do.


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