I swear I’m not crazy

Alright so most people think I’m insane for choosing to leave sunny San Diego to move to the South. Where I grew up I could be at the beach in 20 minutes and to the mountains or desert in 2 hours. The weather stayed at a cool 75 degrees year round and we rarely saw rain. Now, I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy growing up in such an awesome place but I will say Charlotte has a ton of great things that made leaving a lot easier. Here are ten reasons why I love living in Charlotte:

1. My Husband!

Just Kidding! Even though I am so happy I found the love of my life, I probably would still be here even if he wasn’t.

2. White Water Center

Bike/Hiking trails, flat water kayaking, paddle boarding, zip lines, rock-climbing, ropes courses, white water rafting and kayaking, CAN YOU SAY ADVENTURE?! My husband and I have season passes which makes for an easy day trip escape.  


3. Affordable Housing

Building a house so close to the downtown area that you can ride your bike? I would never be able to afford the house we are building in California even if it was placed in the suburbs.  


4. Carolina Football

Season tickets to an NFL team whose stadium is walking distance from my house?! YES PLEASE. (Also on a side note, we have the Hornet’s Basketball Stadium within walking distance AND the Knights, a minor league baseball team’s, Stadium.)   


5. Bojangles

No, not my ex-boyfriend’s cat… One word, B I S C U I T S  


6. Warm Ocean Water

Let’s just ignore the fact that the beaches are further away here. Although California beaches are beautiful, the water is always pretty icy. Since I’m not an avid surfer anyways I’d much rather trade out the big waves for a comfortable water temperature. 

7. Craft Beer Scene

There are so many great local Breweries and Tap Rooms in Charlotte these days. They all offer a unique experience and of course yummy beers. Some even have Yoga nights! Like who doesn’t want to end the day doing yoga while sipping on your favorite Craft Beer?? And the yoga totallyyy counteracts the beer so it’s absolutely still healthy. I promise! 😉  


8. Snow Days

We don’t get a lot of snow here in Charlotte, we actually get barely any. When it does snow though, the city shuts down since we are always so ill prepared! I’ve finally got to experience those “snow days” I’d always heard about growing up. 


9. Humidity!

Just kidding. Obviously no one likes humidity but here in the South the temperature doesn’t dramatically drop after sunset. It is one of the best feelings stepping out on a warm summer night and not having to worry about grapping a sweater.

10. No ones’ heard of “June Gloom”

My husband thinks I’m crazy when I refer to the beach cloud coverage as June Gloom. He swears I made it up. On this coast beach days are sunny from dawn to dust. No waiting around for the marine layer to burn off! 


11. Traveling Home is a Vacation!

Okay I know I said 10 things and this is number 11 but my first one didn’t count, remember? Anyways all of my friends here in Charlotte are always complaining about having to decide between traveling home to visit family and taking a vacation. Lucky for me, they are both one in the same! San Diego is the perfect place to take a yearly VACA and plus we get to save money by not staying in a hotel!


Moving across the country may have been crazy, but choosing to stay here was definitely not! I’ve been able to experience different cultures, meet a ton of new people, and indulge in the best BBQ and fried chicken a girl could ask for!


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