It’s Official, We’re Homeless!

Okay so that is a bit dramatic. We are not really homeless, as in we are not living on the streets. Our lease to our apartment is up but our house isn’t done yet so now we are living out of suitcases and house hopping between the In-laws and friends.

Moving is never easy, especially when you have two dogs in tow. Thank goodness for our A M A Z I N G friends who are letting us crash at their place. It’s actually even a little teaser into our new neighborhood since they own a home literally one block away.

So far I imagine this next month will be a little like college all over again. You know… just two guys and two girls living in the same house, except this time were both couples, and have four dogs instead of one, and actually have to work 8-5, oh and there will be no binge drinking during the week, and bed time is around 10:30, and I guess Top Ramen doesn’t count as dinner anymore… okay so it will be nothing like college but it will still be an experience!

Cross your figures we are in before Christmas so we don’t drive our Hosts (and each other) crazy!


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