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Hair Plopping

So recently I have seen a bunch of articles about how to perfectly “plop” your hair. Supposedly this method is used to reduce frizz and boost your natural curl. Honestly, to me to sounds and looks a little ridiculous but let’s be real, I LOVE a good lazy hair do so I thought I’d give it a try and see if it would work on my hair. I used instructions from a buzzfeed article which can be found here.

Since my hair is deceptively thick I decided to opt for the overnight dry. My results were ehhh not too impressive. Now my hair is naturally wavy, not curly so I didn’t expect to all of a sudden have spiral curls (which would have been awesome) but honestly my hair looked crazy. It didn’t reduce the frizz, my hair was actually LESS wavy than normal, and it completely eliminated all the body from the top of my hair. ICK. Also my hair was still damp. I literally showered at 7pm and my hair still wasn’t dry by 7am. 

  So today at work I am sporting a half top knot to try and hide the madness HA. Since I won’t be trying that again I think I’ll just stick to going to bed with wet hair and hoping for the best!


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