“So, is it acceptable if I call in to work sick today because I’m literally just too sore to move????” I swear this is what I asked my husband this morning. Last night I went to my first Coreology class and they sure did whoop my ass. I would laugh about it but it just hurts too much. Probably the only reason I actually made it to work today is because I know we have early release.

To give myself a little credit I am usually not this out of shape. When we turned in our apartment keys I also suspended my AIR membership since we weren’t sure where we were going to be living or what our schedules would look like during the next month of homelessness. I swore I would still go on runs and do yoga but unfortunately that didn’t happen so here I am a month later completely out of shape and now literally sore EVERYWHERE.

For those of you who don’t know, Coreology is a studio in NODA that uses the Lagree Fitness Method and The Megaformer to give you a high intensity, low impact workout. Basically during the 50 minute workout you use this funky looking machine to make your muscles CRY. It is one of those workouts where you don’t get too out of breath but your muscles start shaking almost immediately and you swear there’s no way you’ll make it until the end of class.  

I am not going to lie. I was very intimidated at first. Mostly because I hadn’t worked out in forever but I can see how this type of workout would be intimidating for anyone. I’m happy to report though that the class was great! It was fast paced and upbeat which made the 50 minutes fly by and it didn’t take as much coordination as I had originally anticipated. The instructor was so helpful and encouraging throughout the entire workout. Before class she gave me a quick machine demonstration which really helped me feel more comfortable during the workout. Would I take another class? Yes! It was clearly effective considering how much I am feeling it today and it was also fun.

My only regret would be timing. HELLO why did I think it was a good idea to try a new workout the night before NYE. I swear my dancing is already awkward enough without feeling like my entire body is screaming…


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