7 Months with Kennedy

SEVEN FREAKEN MONTHS. Wasn’t she just a newborn!?

This past month has been so much fun! Kennedy started BLW and she is SO good at eating. Like even better than Waylen! TMI but her sweet breastmilk poops are a thing of the past ha! She’s already tried 50+ different foods! Some of her favorite foods are sweet potatoes, turkey burgers, zucchini bread, and roasted zucchini. Yum!

This past month we’ve also been dealing with supplementing with pumped milk. My itsy bitsy peanut dropped in height and weight percentile so to make sure she’s getting enough we’ve been adding about 6 extra ounces a day. So far she’s already jumped up in %!

Some of Kennedy’s favorite things these days are army crawling all over the entire house, eating, dancing with mama, and playing with all of Waylen’s cars.

She is still sleeping from 7 to about 5am then eats and goes back to sleep until about 7. We’re not working towards dropping that 5am feed quiet yet because she’s so teeny still. We need her to get all the calories she can!

This past month Kennedy also got to go to her first Panther game, go apple picking, and paint pumpkins at our annual Halloween party!

I cannot wait to include little miss on all of our other holiday traditions coming up!

1 thought on “7 Months with Kennedy”

  1. My baby is almost 7 months old. He’s quite a little chub, but still wakes to feed every two hours at night! How’d you get Kennedy to sleep through like that? What’s your secret? Help!


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