Waylen’s Favorites

Just of few of our favorite things. Be sure to check back periodically because I’ll continue add items as Waylen grows!

  1. Spout and Gears Bath Toy: This is seriously the coolest bath toy ever and so entertaining for kids (and adults!)
  2. Ikea Kitchen: Waylen’s still young to be whipping up pretend meals but he loves to turn the stove on, bang around with the pots, and it’s great storage for all of this toys!
  3. Slumberkins Shark: This is by far Waylen’s favorite lovie. I really wanted it for myself but Waylen stole it so it’s his now. Ha
  4. Chair: So this isn’t the print we have, (ours sold out) but Waylen LOVES his chair and sits in it allllll the time.
  5. Sleeved Bib: Seriously our go-to for any yogurt, pastas, or messy dinners!
  6. Bib: These easily wipe clean and catch lots of crumbs! Waylen now even likes to store his food in the trough while he’s eating 🤣
  7. Donut Stacker : Waylen hasn’t actually mastered stacking them yet but he loves to pull them apart and pretty much uses the smallest donut as a security item.
  8. Dog Plush: This was one of those check out line, spur of the moment purchases that I got while at Joanns Fabric but Waylen LOVES him and pretty much uses his nose as a teether.
  9. Water Table: Seriously everyone should get a water table. Even if it’s too cold for water Waylen loves playing with it! Best summer purchase so far!
  10. Balance Bike: Waylen isn’t quite tall enough to walk this bad boy around yet but we have this great stand for it that turns it into a rocker! Waylen loves bikes so he’s always pointing at it, turning the wheels, rocking on it, or having us help him walk it around!
  11. Mega Bloks: When Waylen was younger his favorite thing was destroying anything I built ha but now he loves to build on his own and tries to drag his bag of LEGO’s everywhere.
  12. Ball Tower: We’ve had this toy since before Waylen was a year old and it is still consistently played with. He loves to just sit and drop the balls down the tower over and over and over again.