About Me

Hey guys, the name’s Katie. I was born and raised in Southern California and somehow have now ended up in Charlotte, NC. I am notorious for telling people I applied to the wrong USC and that’s what brought me to this coast. Really though, I came for the culture and stayed for the Bojangles. Okay, not completely true but it was definitely a factor. Now I’m here for good and I love it! My husband and I just had our first baby (who is seriously the cutest thing ever) and purchased our first home about two years ago. I’m currently still in the process of adding every distinctive little touch to it I can. If I could literally just live in a West Elm store forever I would! And maybe have Anthropologie as a vacation house? Ha Seriously though, those stores are my jam. Alright back to me now. We also have two adorable Chihuahua Children named Pickles and Ramone and I dream of one day having my own little Chihuahua farm where my Border Collie (Chappy please let me get one!!!) can herd them all. Real life goals though… Any who I basically love doing DIY projects, exploring the outdoors, weaving, and eating. That last one being the most important. Noodles are my favorite food with sandwiches coming in close at second. If someone would just pay me to eat, that would be great. (A girl can dream right??) I guess that’s basically all you need to know about me. Hope you enjoyed my rambling.