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When designing Waylen’s nursery I came across weavings and fell in love! Chappy loved the look of them but wasn’t a huge fan of the prices.(Typical ha.) So we made a deal. I would try to make one myself and if I failed I could order one for Waylen’s nursery.

Even though I was totally annoyed at the time I’m SO glad I made that deal with Chappy. Weaving has become one of my favorite pastimes! I love experimenting with new designs and color combos and it is the perfect way to relax away from the baby.

Mostly I make custom, made to order so head over to to Instagram to check out some of my latest designs. I do offer some remakes and Ready to Ship weavings on Etsy so go ➡️ here for a quick and easy purchase! And of course if you don’t see exactly what you want, message me and we can work up a design just for you!