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Moving Day

It’s official! WE ARE HOMEOWNERS! The last 24 hours have been intense to say the least. We had final walk through, pre-settlement meeting, settlement, MOVING, and of course picking up my handy dandy dad so he could assist in all the ciaos. Our goal was to get everything out of storage and into the house by the end of day Wednesday. I am happy to report that we did it! The rain did not make things easy but we managed not to completely ruin all of our new furniture so I would say we were still pretty successful. We actually really lucked out and were able to move everything out of the storage unit into the U-Haul during a 45 minute rain break. Can you say LUCKY?! Now it’s just unpacking, organizing, rebuilding furniture, and waiting on deliveries. Merry Christmas to us!
Having my dad here is seriously crucial! He always insists in helping us move and last time he literally spent the entire day with my husband moving and rebuilding furniture while I was at work. I was pretty spoiled and basically came home to a finished apartment. (Yay me)
This time… not so much but he is still a serious help! My husband though, he was a BEAST! When we went to pick up the U-Haul they said we would need the truck for at least 6 hours to have time to load and unload it. (If we were to completely fill it.) Well we sure did fill that baby up but it took us less than 2 ½ hours to complete the entire move job. My husband transformed into a drill sergeant and probably did about 90% of the moving himself! It was amazing.


I am so grateful that we got into our house before Christmas and I am glad I could spend the time with at least part of my family. I’m not sure he would consider it a “vacation” because we sure are putting him to work but we are forever thankful. We didn’t even get his bed put together before it was time to go to sleep. Um can you say Best Dad Award?? Now if only he could stay for the next month or so to help with all of my DIY projects… 

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