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I have always ALWAYS wanted white cabinets, grey countertops, and a subway tile backsplash with dark grout. When we found out our builder didn’t offer a subway tile option I was devastated. Thank goodness the design company our builder worked with had a white subway tile offering for another builder and was willing to sneak it into our house! Dark grout was unfortunately still not an option though. Luckily for us there is such a thing as grout stain! Hello DIY project number 2!

Now all you will need to stain your grout is stain (obviously,) a rag towel, vinegar, and a small paint brush. If your tile doesn’t have a glossy finish you will need to seal it beforehand or your color will stain the tile as well. Luckily for us, subway tiles are some of the easiest tiles to work with for staining grout. Here is what we did: 

First we applied the stain to the grout with a paint brush. When we first started we were trying to be neat and paint as little tile as possible. By the end we were splashing stain everywhere. You don’t realize how out of shape you are until you try to stain your kitchen grout. Ha. By the time we finished painting all the grout my shoulder and back were killing me.


Next let the stain dry for at least 30 minutes. Now don’t freak out. It will look extremely messy and horrible while the stain is still on your tile but just squint your eyes a little and you will see how amazingly awesome your kitchen is starting to look. 

Lastly, scrub off the excess stain! Now this takes a little muscle but it goes quicker than the painting process. We used a vinegar and water mixture and a painter’s towel.  

Here is what the kitchen looked like before:

 And here is what it looks like now:  
I must say I like it SOO much better. It just really gives that extra pop of interest to our kitchen and for under $15 it was the cheapest project yet! 

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