Panther Pride

Football is officially over! To be frank this last season has seriously been INCREDIBLE. It’s really hard to describe the amount of energy and community the Panthers brought to Charlotte this year. I have never quite experienced such comradely within a NFL team or State. Who knew the “dab” could take over the country? We saw children doing the dab, their parents doing it, even their grandparents! Entire offices did the Dab, Schools, news crews, it was even on commercials, t-shirts, billboards. I don’t know if one celebration dance has ever been so popular in the history of the NFL.

Yes, I would have preferred to win the Super Bowl. (DUH- I’m sure every other team in the NFL would say the same.) But we didn’t. That doesn’t take away from the absolute AMAZING season we had. It was fun, and exciting, and I’ve never heard Bank of America stadium so loud. Charlotte is truly a city of transplants. Most people have other teams as their number 1. This season, you never would have known that! People came out to support the home team and Cam haters disappeared. Going to the games was exhilarating.

Now that the season is over though, of course some bandwagon fans are hopping off and a little Cam hate has started again. Maybe they don’t like his dance moves, or think he’s still too immature, or maybe race does play a part. To be honest, I know that last one does with some people. I have heard it firsthand and it’s unfortunate. Also if you thought Cam was bad at his news conference then you should have seen my husband. I won’t give too many details but he made Cam look like a Saint! In the end nothing I have ever experienced compares to this last season of football. I am so proud of every single member of the Panthers and they should be proud too! No one believed in them yet look what they were able to accomplish!

It was such an unforgettable year and I am so pumped for next season!! LET’S GO PANTHERS! #KeepPounding

Oh and here are some funny videos of my husband’s  celebration dances. Enjoy 😋


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