Tax Day

TAX SEASON IS OFFICIALLY OVER! (Not really, but kind of) Either way you have no idea how excited I am that I can finally say that. Saying the past few months have been hard would be an understatement. We literally moved into our new house and then got thrown into full blown tax season. For the last few months my husband has worked every day. No days off, no sick days, no vacation, and no whining. Yeah right ha, okay, so there was a lotttttt of whining, mostly just coming from me though. For the last few months my husband has been stressed (high-strung, moody, exhausted, irritable… ha) from non-stop working and I’ve been stressed because he’s literally always working! I basically became single for the last few weeks and proudly 3rd wheeled it with all of our couple friends while my husband was stuck at the office.



One plus side though is I did get a lot more free drinks without my husband there so at least I had that going for me.

Since I finally get my husband back for the weekend I decided it would be the perfect time to surprise him with a little weekend trip to… wait for it…


Ha okay so it’s a Staycation but I am making it official so of course there are a few rules. It’ll be only us, only eating out, and only new activities! We have both lived in Charlotte for years, (Chappy since birth and for me since 2012) yet there are so many things we have yet to try. This weekend will be completely dedicated to eating new foods, going new places, and basically just really getting out to explore our city. The official Charlotte Staycation starts NOW so be sure to follow along on my Instagram to see all the cool places it takes us. First stop, Custom Shop.


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