Stocking Stuffers for Him

Guys… Christmas is right around the corner. After spending way too much on new Christmas décor for the house and on Chappy’s actual Christmas gifts I realized I had slightly neglected his stocking. Let’s be real, most of our gifts to each other these days (and from basically anyone else too) are baby related so I wanted to make sure he still received some gifts that he could actually get some use out of himself. Here are a few of my favorite things to stock your man’s stocking with:

Funky Tie Set


Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

Now this is kind of an inside joke between Chappy and I so I totally understand if you don’t want to buy this for the special man in your life ha. He seriously just WIPS his coffee in the morning and it sounds crazy so I always joke I’m going to get him one of these.


Mike’s Hot Honey

Chappy is all about his cocktails and recently has been experimenting with different honeys so this seemed like the perfect gift! If your guy is into craft cocktails there are really so many options for stocking stuffers. Different honeys, bitters, syrups, and even tools!

Hornets Knit Hat

Or basically any of his favorite team’s winter sportswear though I must say the best teams are pretty much the Hornets, Panthers, and Chargers… Just saying.



Traditionally giving socks, undies, and ties, for Christmas was a big no-no but times are changing! Now I wouldn’t go about getting boring socks for your man but getting them something to spice up their everyday outfit is great. Men hate buying stuff like this but love having it go ahead and break the rules!


Now of course there are a bunch more smaller items that you could stuff in their stocking as well if you still need a little filler. A few examples would be gift cards to their favorite fast food places, mini liquor bottles, specialty craft beer bottle, candy, hair product, razor refills, cologne… and seriously the list goes on and on! But hopefully this list just gets your imagination stirring and assists you as Santa’s helper this year!!




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