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HELLO NESTING. Designing the nursery has been by far one of my favorite things to do this pregnancy. My main goals were 1) to not break the bank and 2) to not have the nursery look like it threw up baby if that makes sense.. haha. Basically I am not really into anything that screams baby or is too “baby’y.” For example, I could really care less for pastels and don’t get me started on baby blue. HELLO, we are a DUKE household here; we can’t bring that color into our home! Kind of kidding but still serious because neither Chappy nor I are really fans of baby blue anyways.

I think one of the funniest/annoying things people would tell me is how they knew I was having a boy because of how my nursery looked and what I put on my registry. I hate to break it to everyone but EVERYTHING—literally EVERYTHING on my registry was picked out before we knew the gender and about 99.9 % of our nursery items were not only picked out but also purchased before that too. So if we were having a girl, I promise you, literally nothing would be different. Ha. I really just prefer neutrals and don’t even own one pink article of clothing for myself so I wouldn’t have bought any if I was having a daughter either.

Alright now back to the nursery. I pretty much wanted the room to feel cool, relaxed and a little modern. I seriously scoured the internet looking for the perfect rocking chair. I really wanted something that could easily fit into the décor of our home if we wanted to use it after bambino was grown and didn’t scream NURSERY ROCKER. I ultimately fell in love with this chair from The Land of Nod.

At $1095 plus tax and shipping though I think Chappy would have divorced me if I came home with that. So the internet search continued and lucky for me (and Chappy) I found this  beauty from Interior Express for only $352.00. Plus they were offering 20% at the time so compared to the one from The Land of Nod I was getting a steal.

Here is the overall finished product:

I could not be happier with how everything turned out. I love all the neutral tones throughout the room and I even more importantly I love how it matches the rest of our house while still looking like a kids room! Here’s a list of the bigger furniture and decor items we purchased for the nursery:

  1. Crib: I had been wanting this crib for what seemed like forever but didn’t want to pull the trigger until I could get a good deal. In the end I found it on sale at for under $200 including tax and shipping whereas it normally retails for $279.00. 
  2. Side Table: Just a warning, this so called “black” table was actually more of a midnight blue so we ended up spray painting it a true black. I loved the design (and the price) so it seemed easy enough to just change the color ourselves.   We also ended up painting the wooden part of the legs to match our name letters we made. I would LOVE to show you those but I can’t because we’re keeping the name a secret for now!   Sorry guys!                                                   
  3. Bookcase:  This was probably the easiest piece of Ikea furniture I have ever built. I think it took us under 5 minutes to get the entire piece up. Since the white color of the bookcase was actually more yellowy compared to our crib and dresser we decided to paint it grey to match the bottom trim on our crib.   
  4. Dresser:  Ten hours later we finally finished building this piece… Okay so that’s a total exaggeration but whatever.  
  5. Dresser Nobs: Chappy wanted to add a few more pops of color to the room so I found these nobs on Etsy and they were the perfect addition. I went with the larger size because I felt like it would look more like a kids room then.  
  6. Area Rug: This is Ramone’s favorite thing we have ever purchased. He’ll spend 2o minutes rolling around in it every day and I can’t really blame him because it is SO soft.                                                                      
  7. Pouf: The first pouf I purchased was too high for our rocker but luckily this one worked perfect at 16″ tall!                       
  8. Storage Bins:   We got these cute bins to store all the extra baby blankets, stuffed animals and toys we received. Seriously, we were gifted SO MANY BLANKETS so these bins definitely have come in handy.                         


Now I can’t really talk about my nursery without mentioning my favorite items. Realistically these are probably more for me then the baby but who cares they were adorable and I couldn’t help myself.

  1. Sheepish Throw Pillow: I mean… who doesn’t want an adorable black sheet throw pillow in their nursery.           
  2. Animal Prints: I seriously LOVE these! They were so cheap and really add a lot to the space. I purchased the downloads, got them professionally printed, and then stuck them in some cheap $3.00 IKEA frames.             
  3. Terrier Bookend: The only way I could justify purchasing this is because of… hormones??? And getting 30% off but still, please don’t tell my husband! ha.               
  4. Keekaroo Changing Pad: First, there was no way I was going to spend money on an actual changing table. Second, the idea of buying a foam changing pad that you had to buy sheet like covers for seemed a little weird to me. Why would I want to change my baby’s diaper on some fabric object that I would potentially have to change and wash every day. I do NOT want to add anything extra to the crazy amounts of laundry I’m bound to do once this baby arrives. Plus I’m having a boy, which I heard pretty much means I’m going to get peed on a thousand times.                                         

The only downside to creating my dream nursery is that I won’t actually use it for months! Little bambino will be staying the night in our room the first 6-12 months so I’ll just have to bring him in there during the day to actually enjoy the space. Now if there are any items I didn’t identify that you have questions about feel free to ask! Less then four weeks until my due date! Eek!! 

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