House Projects

Record Player Table 

I swear as soon as we finish one project we’re onto the next! Chappy and I have been dreaming of Christmas time! We’ve always wanted to fix his old record player and dance around the house listening to Christmas records. Unfortunately we couldn’t fix his player but we did just buy a new one so it was finally time to build a solid stand to store everything!

We kept the design and cuts simple so literally anyone can built it! This is the finished product:

First I cut the wood down to size and stained it.

This was a (very) rough sketch of our measurements.

Next we made the bottom box. We used screws to attach the pieces together for the entire table except for the very top piece. We used nails there to maintain a clean, smooth look on the countertop. Now we could have been fancy and made 90 degree cuts to form the corner together but we decided to just screw the flat edges together like so:

After making the first box, we put together three sides of top box, placed small wood cubes in between the two boxes (to give a little separation,) and screwed them together through the cubes.

Next we added the final top piece. This is the piece that we nailed instead of screwing.

Last we added the legs I ordered off amazon.

And I’m SO excited it’s finally socially acceptable to listen to Christmas records because I have a confession … I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks already!

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