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Baby Led Weaning: 6 Months In

6+ months into Baby Led Weaning and Waylen pretty much eats like the average adult. (I’m talking quantities too ha!)

He eats three solid meals a day with one snack and gets a glass of milk in the morning and before bed. After 100+ items he’s really only disliked one thing- cottage cheese! He’ll eat a few bites but then he’s done.

Here’s my list of every item we’ve offered him in our house:

1. Broccoli

2. Sweet potato

3. Avocado

4. Zucchini

5. Carrots

6. Greek Yogurt

7. Eggs

8. Yellow Squash

9. Butternut squash

10. Acorn squash

11. Spinach

12. Strawberries

13. Chick peas

14. Mahi mahi

15. Raspberries

16. Watermelon

17. Banana

18. Blueberries

19. Cauliflower

20. Peanut butter

21. Mango

22. Turkey

23. Green pepper

24. Orange pepper

25. Red pepper

26. Feta cheese

27. Goat cheese

28. Cheddar cheese

29. Motzerella

30. Provolone

31. Tomatoes

32. Oats

33. Flax seed

34. Coconut flakes

35. Coconut flour

36. Chicken

37. Almond flour

38. Pineapple

39. Apples

40. Orange

41. Ground beef

42. Shallot

43. Onion

44. Pasta

45. Kale

46. White beans

47. Almonds

48. Bread crumbs

49. Basil

50. Cinnamon

51. Olive oil

52. Coconut oil

53. Vegetable oil

54. Black pepper

55. Garlic

56. Pumpkin

57. Cucumber

58. Yogurt

59. Potato

60. Green pear

61. Asian pear

62. Portobello Mushrooms

63. White Mushrooms

64. Eggplant

65. Blackbeans

66. Pork

67. Chili powder

68. Cayenne

69. Old bay

70. Shrimp

71. Parsley

72. Celery

73. Lemon

74. Nutmeg

75. Raisins

76. Pork Sausage

77. Olives

78. Spaghetti squash

79. Cantaloupe

80. Corn

81. Rice

82. Green beans

83. Deer

84. Peas

85. Lamb

86. Rosemary

87. Kiwi

88. Lobster

89. Crab

90. Cottage cheese

91. Blackberries

92. Cashews

93. Tofu

94. Sunflower seed butter

95. Salmon

96. Tempeh

97. Pistachios

98. Asparagus

99. Flounder

100. Quinoa

101. Sugar

102. Cool whip

103. White flour

Obviously those last three aren’t on our regular menu, those were for his smash cake! I also didn’t include foods we’ve tried at restaurants so his list is probably a little longer.

This is what meal time for Waylen looked like yesterday.

  • 7:00 – 8 oz. Milk
  • 8:30 – 2 sweet potato apple muffins and 1/2 banana
  • 12:00 – tofu and veggie stir fry
  • 2:30 – coconut nom noms snack
  • 5:30 – lamb meatballs with butternut squash
  • 6:40 – 8 oz. milk

Now I know BLW is all about having the babies eat what you eat but that can be hard when you don’t eat healthy all the time! Ha. (Aka healthy muffins for Waylen, Dunkin Donut muffins for mama.) I also don’t like allllll the foods Waylen loves so sometimes I do make myself something different. When we make eggs for breakfast we both eat them, we share stir fry’s, smoothies, yogurt, meatballs, etc. Dinners are still eaten separately too though, mainly because I don’t eat dinner at 5:30 ha.

Honestly though I couldn’t say anything bad about BLW! It has led my (previously) toothless little babe to eat a variety of food and improve his motor skills in the process! I love that it taught him how to chew his food first and let him control what and how much he ate. I think it’s so important to take cues from your baby and wait until they are actually ready to eat! Waiting until they can physically feed themselves makes it really easy to know they’re ready. (Sitting independently, chewing on toys, copying parents when eating, and losing their tongue thrust reflex are all signs they are ready.)

We really only had one small gagging incident and it was seriously NOTHING. He basically coughed on some broccoli sprigs and it lasted less than two seconds. And you know what? Kids can (and will) gag at all ages! It’s a normal occurrence when learning how to eat.

We have seriously come so far! I mean look at that little babe! To check out the beginning of our BLW journey go ➡️ HERE.

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