40 Weeks with BB3

Ummmmm like WTF.

Happy Due Date to ME!

But like HOW did this happen? Ha! I really don’t know but here we are for the first time ever. I thought this might be the latest baby yet but I NOT expect to actually make it to my due date.

Overall I’m feeling great! Up about 19 lbs and it’s allllllllll belly ha. Still have nerve pain on and off but besides that feeling pretty normal. Don’t get me wrong though, I am SO ready not to be pregnant anymore. My belly size is unreal. I can’t go out in public without people making rather annoying comments on its size so I’m probably about to birth a 12lber. 😬 We’ll see. That really doesn’t scare me.

I am feeling lots of anxiety about potentially missing Christmas with the kiddos though. Like if I go into labor late Christmas Eve.. I’m not going in. Kidding ha. Maybe. I mean, how quick can I get in and out? I know they’re letting people out sooner than usual with Covid but like HOW much sooner? Ha.

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