21 Months with Kennedy

Forgot allllll about this yesterday. In my mind Kennedy would have already been a big sister so I wasn’t even thinking we were here already but we are! We don’t have her bed rebuilt yet and I can’t find her white T-shirt so here we are with a mattress on the floor in a 3m onesie for the new baby.

Little miss is 21 months old and just as crazy as ever. She’s really starting to talk more (just like waylen did around this time) and she is constantly trying to copy everything her big brother does. She is still my crazy, fearless climber and has already made it onto our farmhouse sink by herself. She is also still my little petite girl though I think she may have had a slight growth spurt. You know, like maybe jumping from 1% in height to 2.5%. Ha.

Her favorite things these days are picking out her clothes, climbing, eating (literally will never turn down food,) playing with her babydoll, copying any and everything waylen does, and attempting to ride her strider bike.

She’s full of spunk and sass but loves a good snuggle. I just cannot wait to see her as a big sister!

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