36 weeks with bb3

Eek! We’re getting close! Well I mean who really knows but Waylen came less than two weeks from now so anything is possible!

I’m currently 1cm dilated, up to 115 lbs (up 17 from my prepregnancy weight) and about as tired as ever! Even just pushing the double stroller to the park is exhausting. I think I have to stop 100 times on the way and it’s literally like 4 blocks from our house ha.

Besides that I’ve feeling relatively good. I’ll have some days with lighting crotch, some days with pressure, but most days with nothing. I’ve also had some pretty annoying heart burn on and off the last few weeks and my appetite is pretty much gone now that I have a giant baby pressing on my stomach. Don’t worry though, I eat Steak fajitas pretty much every night which is exactly what I’ve done every pregnancy so far. Ha My ankles have also been swelling on days that I wear tight leggings for work. It will literally just be this nasty little one inch band of swelling between where my socks end and leggings start. Looks like I’m wearing donuts around them. Haha

But my bags are packed and we’re ready whenever! Head here to check out Waylens 36 week update and here for Kennedy’s.

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