32 weeks with BB3

32 weeks! Eek!

I’m getting bigger by the second, the nausea still comes and goes at night, and the back/neck aches are starting to pick up. I also get up to pee approximately 27 times a night. Ha! Not really but sometimes it feels like it.

Our new house is set to close on the 10th which is pretty much the average of the two gestational dates of my kids. Sooo this will be interesting. Literally though. Would have had Waylen the 6th of December and Kennedy the 13th so this could go either way. Also chappy recently hurt his shoulder and were still waiting to find out about that so this move could get realllll interesting.

I’m officially up to 112lbs and it looks as if this baby is going to be nice and chunky like my others since I’m already measuring 2 weeks early. 10 lber anyone?

We’re still trying to convince Waylen we can’t actually name this baby Bubble Bath Baby Garner but he’s not budging. And although I still think this baby is probably a boy I did have a dream that it was a girl the other night? So maybe girl? I don’t know! I think I’ve also had a dream where it’s a boy with really thick white blonde hair so it could go either way. Literally. I have no idea. Guess we’ll find out in a few more weeks!

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