28 weeks with BB3

Glucose testing day! Meh! With Waylen I got SO sick while waiting for the blood draw nearly threw up/ pasted out. With Kennedy it was a breeze. This time I felt a little queasy but nothing major. The drink seriously isn’t as bad as everyone says. It just tastes like a flat, really sugary orange soda. No biggie.

I’m currently up 13 lbs to 111. Baby is moving and grooving all the time and the kiddos love talking, hugging, kissing, and trying to “wake baby up.” Ha.

Overall the last few weeks have been pretty uneventful. I started magnesium for my headaches which has helped some and went to get a prenatal massage because we realized my headaches were tension related. Unfortunately the massage was the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life ha but I survived. Though I am probably scarred for life ha.

I’ve been reallllllly feeling the urge to nest these days which is a little hard when you’re stuck in a tiny apartment with no room for a new baby. 🤞🏻 house come before this kiddo.

Here’s Waylen’s and Kennedy’s update from 28 weeks.

And here are some updates pics from the last few weeks:

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