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18 Months with Kennedy

My tiny little princess 18 months! .. and still just as tiny as ever, coming in right under 1% in height! Lol. She’s officially up to 21lbs which is less than what waylen weighted at a year.

She may be tiny but she is FULL of spunk and mischief! She loves to climb and seriously hasn’t come across something she can’t scale.

She also is still my little eater. Loves everything! Even gnawing on an entire steak. Ha! Her favorite foods are probably sandwiches, blueberries, and sweet potatoes but I’m telling you, she’ll down just about anything.

As for talking, she still doesn’t say much!Mama, dad, and keys (one of her favorite toys 😂) are still her main words. She will also do most animal noises like cat, dog, monkey, bee, horse, etc. She still knows everything we’re saying though and easily follows directions. She can also identify animals and objects in her books as well as all her body parts. Don’t mention snacks or dinner around her unless you want her sprinting to the kitchen in search of food.

Her favorite things to do these days are climbing, pretending to cook in the kitchen (and climbing into the kitchen sink,) dressing up like buzz lightyear, stacking her toys and reading books.

She is so much fun these days and just full of life! I can’t wait to see her as a big sister!

Check our Waylens 18 month Update HERE.

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