24 weeks with BB3

24 Weeks!

I’m officially up to 108lbs (+10 from my prepregnancy weight) and feeling great! Still have that horrible tension migraine going on DAILY which is pretty miserable ha but hopefully it goes away soon.

Our little surprise has been moving around more then ever now and Waylen just loves feeling for kicks! It’s so freaken cute! I mean the first time he felt one was seriously the sweetest thing I’ve ever experienced. Kennedy on the other hand could care less ha.

Everything’s looking good so far though I must say it’s weird not having our house ready yet because all I want to do is buy stuff for the new nursery. Instead though it looks like I’ll probably be setting it up when baby is here. Oh well!

Here’s a look at Kennedy and Waylens 24 week Update and some pictures from the last 4 weeks!

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