20 weeks with bb3

Half way!! Or potentially more if this kid comes early like the last two! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

I am feel MUCH better these days, though unfortunately the nights are still uncomfortable. No throwing up since we last spoke but the migraines are still coming on strong. Yuck! The more I read back on my last two babies the more I think this one is definitely a BOY butttttt let’s be real, who really knows ha!

So far I’m officially up to 100lbs which is up 2 lbs since my prepregnancy weight! Whoop whoop! I think all those Carne Asada fries in California really helped my weight gain. Now if someone could just mail me some more that would be great because the CRAVINGS ARE REALLLL.

At our anatomy scan last week we did find out I have a peripheral cord which means I may need a 3rd trimester ultrasound to make sure baby is gaining okay. Besides that though, the baby itself looked perfect! Right at average size with a slightly larger head just like normal ha.

I’m sure these next few weeks will fly by BUT the real question is, who will come first, the baby or the new house? 😅

Head HERE to read Kennedy’s 20 week update and HERE for Waylen’s.

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