16 weeks with bb3

Thank goodness we are longgg past that miserable first trimester! I swore Kennedy and Waylen’s pregnancies were very similar but now with a third to compare, they were definitely different. So basically I’m thinking this baby is a BOY. Guess we’ll find out in December though!

Ever since about 14 weeks I haven’t been as completely miserable and useless throughout the entire day, just in the evenings. I’m still queasy throughout the day but it is much more manageable. I’ve only thrown up once still and hoping that doesn’t change anything soon because .. yuck.

I do have HORRIBLE migraines now though. Honestly they don’t even completely go away and are instantly brought back full force if I sneeze, turn my head to fast, get in too bright of light… etc.. yeah they’re pretty awesome. Ha.

So far I’m right at my prepregnancy weight but am feeling/looking 30 weeks pregnant by nighttime ha. I just get bigger and bigger and bigger as the day goes on and clearly by the third kiddo my abs don’t stand a chance.

Can’t wait to see this little blog again in a few weeks at our anatomy scan! Here’s some pictures from the last few weeks!

Head here for Kennedy’s 16 week update and here for Waylen’s.

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