15 months with Kennedy

My little baby isn’t so little anymore! 😭😭

Well technically I guess she is since she’s so petite ha but you know what I mean!

I honestly don’t even know where to start! She is just the cutest, silliest, sweetest little girl I know. She loves playing with her big brother and getting into mischief. Some of her favorite things are climbing, putting things in the trash, snacking (alllllll day long,) playing with cars, and tucking herself into blankets.

In the last three months she’s sprouted a bunch of teeth and now as 9 (almost 10!) She still loves eating any and everything and will definitely let you know when she wants more 😂.

She has started to identify her body parts, she makes sound effects for her cars, and will moo when she sees a cow. Besides that though she’s not a big talker! She only really says dada and sometimessssss mama but she understands what we’re saying and will follow almost all of our commands. “Bring me the blue ball.” “Put your hat on.” “Find your foxy.” She also can identify objects in books and is obsessed with keys. Maybe the only other word she really attempts to say ha. But I’m not worried at all, I bet she’ll be just like her brother and go from a couple words to all of them in a week.

Can’t wait to see what she learns in the next few months!

To read Waylen’s 15 month update head HERE

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