13 weeks with bb3

Finally making it out of the first trimester!

The last few months have been brutalllllll. I actually didn’t throw up once though which was really surprising because I was BY FAR the most nauseous I’ve ever been. Alllll day every day I was pretty much stuck in that feeling you have immediately before you throw up. I don’t know about you guys but with me, right before I throw up I get really hot, my mouth waters, and I can just feel the nausea all the way up to my throat. I was literally stuck with that feeling constantly. Always kneeled over, ready to barf into a bowl but thankfully I only dry heaved! Ha.

With Kennedy I didn’t actually start throwing up until around the 11 week mark so I guess it could still make an appearance but I’m hoping this will be more like Waylen’s pregnancy where I never actually threw up, just constantly thought I was about to.

Oh isn’t pregnancy just beautiful? Lol

It’s been the usual difficulty to eat anything real these days. Lots of random take out for me where I just eat a couple bites. Baked chicken is again forever off limits. Some of my favorite things to eat this time around have been fruit, fries, frosted coffees from Chick-fil-A, and all the breads.

This last week though I’ve actually started to feel a little better. Still nauseous from the moment I wake up but I don’t get that, “I’m about to barf” feeling until later in the evening. I only lost 3 lbs this trimester which is less then I usually have and actually as of this week I’ve gained it back so now I’m finally back to my starting weight of 98lbs! Whoop whoop!

We will not be finding out the gender again but my guess so far is BOY since I haven’t actually barfed yet and because Waylen also thinks boy. (If you remember last pregnancy, he consistently said girl and was right!)

Here’s some of my weekly pictures that you’ve missed out on

And here’s a comparison of all my pregnancies at 13 weeks. (Notice how drained and exhausted I look as my pregnancies go on 🤣🤣- clearly having toddlers running around while you’re about to barf is intense.)

Head HERE to read my 13 week update with Waylen and HERE to check out Kennedy’s.

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