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We’re Pregnant! 

If you haven’t heard by now…


So basically when we were trying to get pregnant I had all these ideas in my head about how it’s going to be and all the great things I was going to do for the baby. Well pretty much all that crap went out the window at about 6 weeks. The first initial weeks of me knowing I was pregnant were painless. The only symptom I had was fatigue. So basically I just fell asleep earlier, big whoop. Right on time at 6 weeks though I was pretty much smacked in the face with morning sickness. And let me tell you, despite the name Morning Sickness is not just in the morning. It’s alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day. Whoever named it “Morning Sickness” really did an injustice to pregnant women around the world. It clearly was a man who’s never been through this so called “Morning” sickness that realistically is morning, afternoon, and night sickness. I honestly thought I would be eating so healthy during this pregnancy since I already eat fairly well and loveee all veggies. I never expected to be nauseous 24/7 and have crazy food aversions to basically all of our household staples. EVERYTHING gave me that gag reflex like when you brush your teeth too far back. YUCK. We went from a household that strictly stuck to our meal plan to one who was eating out almost every meal. Seriously, eating, (something you could once say was my favorite past time,) became a chore. It was exhausting trying to find something that wouldn’t elicit that dreaded gag. I was constantly hot and obsessed about nothing touching or being too tight on my stomach in fear of throwing up. My weekends (okay lets me honest—my weekdays as well) were spent half naked laying on the couch binge watching One Tree Hill. (Thank you Ashley!!) This was pretty much torture for Chappy who thought I was “glowing” and “just so sexy.” Realistically though I hadn’t washed my hair in days, I was constantly holding a bucket “just in case” and even the thought of anyone (or anything—puppies PLEASE GET OFF ME) touching me almost made me vomit. Chappy’s favorite thing to say was, “Isn’t this all you ever dreamed of” or a similar variation. If he wasn’t so attentive to all of my crazy cravings and needs I probably would have killed him. Ha. Eventually the nausea let up – SOME— but don’t worry that’s when the extreme migraines and bloating kicked in. (Doesn’t pregnancy just sound like so much fun???)

Besides the physical things, the next hardest part of these first 12 weeks was just keeping it a secret! At first we told just our family and a few of our closest friends. Without them I would have gone crazy those first 8 weeks. I even managed to go to a Nascar race and fake drink with the help of one other couple who knew. At 8 weeks pregnant though we decided to come out and just admit it to everyone in our friends group here in Charlotte. Doctors recommend not telling anyone until you make it out of your first trimester, where the likelihood of miscarrying is lower, but to us that really didn’t make sense. First off, pregnancy is pretty hard to hide when you can’t drink (and you feel miserable all the time.) There were only so many excuses I could use without my friends catching on. Also I thought that it was important my friends knew I’m pregnant in case something bad did happen. I would have been devastated and would have needed support from them. So at 8 weeks we invited everyone over for brunch and let them in on our big secret. Chappy has a tradition of making funny, parody rap songs for momentous occasions so of course we had to make one for brunch. To hear our baby announcement rap song click HERE. (You can also hear our Wedding Rap, (what I basically consider my life’s theme song) HERE.

Since I couldn’t post any baby related pictures over the last 13 weeks I’ve posted some below to help catch you up. Over the next few months I’ll try to keep you guys updated on the highs and lows of pregnancy so stay tuned!

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