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Bumpdate – 16 Weeks

My first trimester has come and gone put unfortunately all of those horrible first trimester symptoms haven’t quite left yet. Nothing is as extreme as it was during the beginning but I am still enjoying the lovely afternoon nausea and headache more often than not. Luckily I have got some of my energy back so I’ve finally headed back to AIR to start working out again! That first week was a bitch though. Trust me; it is HARD to get moving when you’ve mostly just sat on the couch the last 6 weeks. I do think it is extremely important that I keep active during this pregnancy though so I am going to try my best to keep going as long as I can! I’m trying to avoid any and all back pain associated with my scoliosis and even more importantly trying to keep it from progressing so maintaining a strong core at all times is critical for me. I’m hoping to start a prenatal yoga class soon which will also be good for my back plus it’s a great way for me to meet other soon to be mommies. Maybe it will even help me enough to get me back in bed… because I kid you not; I have slept on the couch for the last 3 months. Honestly with the nausea it was so uncomfortable to be laid out on a bed so instead I would curl up in the corner of our sectional and basically sleep sitting up.

Another lovely pregnancy symptom that has blossomed over the last few weeks, sore hips. Supposedly your ligaments and joints get all loosy goosy and stretched out during pregnancy which can cause pain and oh are they right! I can’t sleep on one side for more than an hour before I wake up in pain and have to switch. Other than that though everything is going great! Don’t I just make pregnancy sound like so much fun??? In all seriousness though, it is SOOO worth it. Even though some nights I cry to Chappy because I’m hormonal exhausted and am just sick of being sick, I still wouldn’t change a thing. Creating a tiny human is hard work so it makes sense that I don’t feel 100% (and for all those women out there who are blessed with no symptoms… I love you but I hate you…lucky bitches haha.) I still haven’t felt the baby move but I am finally getting a little bump which is so exciting! I have been disappointed for weeks since I wasn’t gaining any weight (especially since I lost during the first trimester) but now I am officially up .8 lbs this trimester! whoop whoop! Grow baby bump, grow! We get to find out the gender in a few short weeks and I can’t wait so I can finalize all the nursery décor. What do you guys think it’ll be? Boy or girl? You’ll have to wait and see because I won’t be revealing the gender until my first baby shower in October!!

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