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Bumpdate – 20 Weeks 

We’ve officially hit the half way mark!!! I still feel nauseous pretty regularly but it isn’t as bad as it was or maybe I’m just getting used to it ha but either way I feel somewhat better, which is a good relief! We found out the gender 2 weeks ago at our 18 week Anatomy Check but for now it’s our little secret so don’t expect to find out for another few months! We aren’t even telling our parents so that’s how you know we mean business. Of course I did immediately splurge and buy a few gender specific outfits as soon as we found out, (and seriously haven’t stopped looking buying since. Oops!) Those are tucked away though so no one accidently sees them! Everything else looked great at the Anatomy check but I had only gained back about 1 lb. so my doctor wanted me to ramp up my protein intake to make sure I gained some more before my next appointment. I hope by “protein” she really meant bread pudding, starbursts, and pizza lunchables though because that’s pretty much how my week went following the appointment… Whoops. At least I can say I’m finally getting my appetite back! For someone who can usually down a foot long sub with chips in under 5 minutes, it was pretty annoying to get full after two bites of dinner so I’m glad that’s finally over with.

For clothes, I can still fit into the majority of my pre-pregnancy clothes but some pants/shorts aren’t very comfortable buttoned up so the Belly Band I purchased from Target has really come in handy. I also asked for a bunch of ASOS maternity clothes for my birthday last week so I’m excited to start wearing those as well. For me, I feel like I have finally got that baby bump but I think the majority of people wouldn’t know I was pregnant. I swear half my office still doesn’t know and they see my every day so I can’t be thatttt big. At 18 weeks though I did have a moment where I was completely caught off guard. While checking out at the grocery store the cashier asked about my pregnancy. At first I didn’t even think she was talking to me so I just ignored her until she literally locked eyes with me and asked again. I’m sure my jaw hit the ground. I didn’t think I looked pregnant at alllll then, well at least not to a complete stranger! My initial reaction was to be offended but then I realized UMM DUHHHH I AM PREGNANT, so I couldn’t really be mad ha. In the end though I still think she was pretty damn ballzy.

I must say I am really excited to make people feel uncomfortable though. I am totallyyyy going to be that person who says I’m not pregnant when someone asks how far along I am, even if I’m 39 weeks. Or maybe I’ll even put my hand on a strangers belly if they do it to me first. “Like I thought we were just having inappropriate tummy touching time, sorry?!” Totally kidding… kind of.

Okay so in all seriousness though, finding out the gender has made this whole thing seem so much more real! It’s a lot easier to picture what life is going to be like since we know what we’re actually having. Chappy has also really got into the whole pregnancy thing lately. He talks to the little bean and has even teared up a few times. (Like, come-on, soooo cute!!!) I swear he is more emotional than me!! (But I guess I shouldn’t reallyyy be surprised since he’s the one who cried at both our engagement and wedding.) As much as I love this little bebe it still is very strange to me that there is a tiny living human growing in my belly. Ha And I also still have conflicting moments that go pretty much like “yay I’m finally getting a baby bump” to “ughhh I’m getting so big.”

The coolest thing though is I’ve recently started to feel little kicks (I think) which is pretty exciting (and again creepy since there is something literally living inside of me ha.) I can’t wait until they are more pronounced so I don’t have to wonder if it was really a kick! 20 weeks down and 20 to go! I’m only up about 4.4 lbs. so far (not including the 3 I lost) sooo it looks like I’ll be doing a lot of growing the second half!

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