20 Week Update

We’ve made it to the half way mark! (Or if this baby is anything like Waylen, we’re more than half way!)

Although the nausea is still hanging around, I haven’t actually barfed in about two week! Whoop whoop!

I’m currently 103 lbs which is up 2 from my pre-pregnancy weight! Besides the nausea and still having crazy dreams I don’t really have many other pregnancy symptoms yet. But I do think I felt the little bean kick last week!! Since I have an anterior placenta it’s going to be harder for me to feel them but before bed the other night I felt two distinct kicks when I was pushing on my belly. Hopefully I’ll start to feel more soon!

We had our last ultrasound two weeks back at the anatomy scan and now we’re officially stuck with not knowing the gender! Only the tech. checked the gender, it won’t be on my chart, and my own doctor doesn’t even know so theres no option for slip ups! I’m sooo excited!!

We finally started buying things for the “nursery” and within about 24 hrs I had bought 90% of what we need. Ha. I say nursery in quotes because we won’t be putting a crib in the room until this new baby is at least 9 months so now we’re designing it to be a cute little play area. I’ll do a blog post once we’re finished!!

Here is Waylen’s 20 week update and here are some pictures to catch you up on the last 4 weeks:

Waylen vs. this Baby

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