24 Week Update

24 weeks! Eek! If I deliver the same time as I did with Waylen then I only have 13 weeks left! So far I am up to 108 lbs, +7 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight! Whoop whoop! Let the gaining begin. I make big babies so I’m sure this little potato is starting to pack on the pounds.

I had thought the nausea was gone for good but unfortunately it has been creeping back in some days recently. Luckily I haven’t actually thrown up yet and it’s not every day! Thank God! I’ve also been getting more headaches lately which is just another fun side effect of pregnancy. I’ve been wanting to finally start exercising again but for now chasing my toddler is as much fitness as I’m getting ha. So far I still haven’t had any crazy cravings. Pretty much just food aversions – still not a fan of chicken!

I’ve also been feeling more kicks lately! I feel them mostly at lunch time and right after dinner once I sit down and relax. Chappy has even been feeling some lately too which is exciting because I wasn’t sure when he would get to this time around since I have an anterior placenta.

If you want to compare this pregnancy to Waylen’s head over HERE to read his 24 week update!

And here are some bumpdate pictures from the last couple weeks!

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