12 Months with Kennedy


We’ve officially made it! Little missy is a year old today and honestly it kinda feels like she’s older? Ha. I really can’t remember life without my little peanut and I definitely don’t want to. We haven’t been to the doctor yet so I’ll update her height and weight later but let me tell you- she’s still tiny! Ha

Really though, Kennedy is just so happy and full of life. She loves to play and giggle and is constantly bringing smiles to us all. She has such a little sassy attitude and let’s us know when she’s not getting her way.

She still loves sucking her two little fingers for comfort, sticking her hand down my shirt, and now pinching my skin 😂

Her favorite things are eating, climbing, the sand box, hanging with Waylen, and playing with eggs or LEGO’s. She loves putting them together and is obsessed with showing us once she does it.

In the last month she has started walking everywhere, pointing, and signing. She’s still mastering “blowing” kisses though and thinks she’s supposed to put her hand to our mouth, not hers. She also just got her first two teeth! One on the bottom and one on top so we’ve been surviving off allllllll the frozen waffles.

Unfortunately her bday party got postponed as of now but we are hoping to celebrate later in Spring! It’s okay though because we still did a cake smash a couple weeks back and let me tell you- SHE LOVED THE CAKE!

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