11 Months with Kennedy


11 whole months! I don’t even know how we’re got here! Like I’m currently planning her first birthday! Howww!?

Some of Kennedy’s favorite things these days are food (duh ha,) climbing the Pikler triangle or stairs, cruising the couch, bath time, playing with Waylen and getting into allll the mischief. She is still just a giggly happy girl with so much personality!

She still loves sucking her little fingers for comfort but now has also started putting her hand down my shirt.

Her main dislike is still diaper changes or anything that really immobilizes her. Besides that though, she’s a pretty chill little babe! She’s also finally started sleeping in! She takes about 4hours worth of naps during the day and sleep 6:30-7. It is gloriousss! She’s a super drooly girl though ha.

But unfortunately she’s still not walking besides taking a step or two here or there so I guess Chappy and I both lost ha. Maybe in this next month?!? Who knows! Ha

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