10 Months with Kennedy

Double Digits people! We are in DOUBLE DIGITS!

I swear this month went faster than usual. I blinked and it’s already over!

This past month Kennedy learned to wave and climb up the Pikler Triangle. She is seriously always moving. She loves to climb up the entire staircase, climb the triangle, cruise along all the furniture, and hang out in her ball pit. Some of her favorite activities are eating, stacking donuts, putting toys away, and bouncing to music. Her dislikes are pretty simple, she hates diaper changes or anything that prevents her from being on the move.

Overall though she is still my happy little babe! We just transferred her into her own room and she’s still sleeping 7-6! Wishing we could push it until 7 am but I’ll take 6 over Waylen’s recent 5 am wake ups! Ha!

Kennedy is still obsessed with her big brother and loves to follow him around the house. Trying to keep up gets treacherous at times and little miss even got her first black eye this month 😭

Now Chappy and I have a little wager going on about when Kennedy was going to start walking. Chappy officially lost today since his guess was by 10 months so now it’s all me! Crossing my fingers she walks this month so I win!

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