Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is right around the corner and I am so excited to shower my baby daddy with gifts! Last year we knew we were pregnant so we did a little celebrating but this year is the real deal so I want to make sure his day is extra special. Below I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite gift items for all those baby daddies out there!

  1. Matching Hats: I mean how cute are these?? Jake and Winn have the most adorable hats for your little dude/dudette and they make matching ones for adults. You alwaysssss see cute matching things for mother-daughters out there but it’s rare to find anything for the boys so when I came across these I knew I had to snag a set.                                                           
  2. Matching Sweaters:  Now this Beau Hudson sweater can work for sons, daughters, mothers, or fathers… like you can literally have an entire family of matching adorableness ha. But really, I love these sweaters so much that I may have snuck in one for myself when ordering for Waylen and Chappy. Can you say awkward family photo???!  
  3. Star Wars Coffee Mug: We used to refer to our dog Ramone as Yoda when he was a puppy so these silly Star Wars mugs from Etsy seemed like the perfect corny Father’s Day gift.                                               
  4. Facial: Who says girls are the only ones who want a little pampering on their special day? Charlotte’s Mud Facial Bar offers a facial specifically geared towards men which I figured would be the perfect gift for my baby daddy since he HATES massages but loves getting his hair shampooed. I figured a facial is kind of the happy median, right?? ha.                 
  5. The Beer Geek Handbook: Now you guys know Chappy is really into craft cocktails but if you didn’t know, he’s actually also really into craft beers. When I came across this  book I knew it would be the perfect gift for Chappy and the perfect addition to our coffee table stack.                                                
  6. Funny Card: So normally I think cards are a complete waste of money; that was until I discovered all the hilarious cards on Etsy! So Chappy has this thing where anytime Waylen spits up he panics. “I NEED HELP! I NEED HELP! I NEED HELP!” After seriously RUNNING to help him while imagining all the horrible things that could have just happened to my adorable little baby, I usually only have to wipe a quarter size amount of spit-up off his sleeve. So that is why is card is seriously PERFECT for him!                          

Overall I think I did pretty good with picking out some great gifts for his first real Father’s Day. No socks or ties for him this year ha. Now that I’ve set the bar though I’ll need to keep up my awesome gift giving skills so I might need help in the future! What are your favorite things to get/give for Father’s Day??!



Postpartum Friendly Swimwear

With the weather warming up it is just about time to whip out those swim suits! This can cause anxiety for many, especially new moms. Stretch marks, loose skin, rounder bellies, or even just that linea nigra that just won’t go away, there are countless things that could make a new mom reluctant to strip down to a bathing suit. Obviously there is nothing to be ashamed of, these are our battle scars from creating perfect tiny humans, but that also doesn’t mean we all feel comfortable displaying them for the world to see. That’s why I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite (nursing friendly) bathing suit options for the new mom! 

  1. Raising Wild – Vanessa: This one piece is perfect for the new mom. It has great tummy coverage and a wrap front that makes it perfect for nursing!                        IMG_9274                       
  2.  Aerie Wrap Top & High-Rise Bottoms: If you’re looking for a trendy yet more affordable option, Aerie is the way to go. This suit has a wrap front for nursing and high wasted bottoms for extra coverage. Also it comes in so many colors you can buy a few to mix and match!                           IMG_9275 
  3. Urban Outfitters Knot Front: I am seriously in love with this suit. It gives tummy coverage but still has the perfect amount of sexy cutouts!                                  
  4. Urban Outfitters Patchwork One Piece: I love the color of this suit! It is bright and vibrant and you can literally just untie the front when you need to nurse! It doesn’t get much easier!                     
  5. H&M Wrap One Piece: If you’re looking for more coverage, this is the suit for you! The wrap detail on this suit really clinches in your waist and  allows easy access for nursing.                                    
  6. Free People Zip Front One Piece: If you’re looking for a sportier look, look no further! Plus you can easily just unzip the front when it’s time to nurse!               


You pretty much can’t go wrong with any of these amazing suits! I swear I would buy them all if my husband wouldn’t notice… and trust me, he totally would. I hope this helps all you new mommas and gives you the confidence to go out and rock your new mom bod! There seriously is nothing to be more proud of than the fact that we baked up a tiny little human in our body. I mean, it still doesn’t seem real to me when I think about it!

The “Bathroom” Bill 

I typically don’t post anything related to my political or religious views on here but after Pat McCrory signed the House Bill 2, the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act into place to invalidate Charlotte’s new legal protections for LGBT individuals I was tempted. I held off though until I continued to see articles and articles relating to safety and privacy for women. Everyone may not agree with my opinions and reasoning and to be honest, that’s fine. You can have you own and I’m not here to bully anyone into believing anything but to me that bill is ridiculous. For me it’s embarrassing to live in a state that would pass such a law against the LGBT community. McCrory tweeted that Charlotte’s “ordinance defied common sense” but to me I feel like it goes completely with common sense. There are a lot of things I don’t agree with on that bill but the main issue I continuously see popping up on my news feed is surrounding the bathrooms.

The big issue for most is about privacy, right? The argument is against having transgender females be allowed in the woman’s restroom. Basically if you were born a male but now identify as a female you have to use the male restroom. Same goes for if you were born a female, if you now identity as male you will have to use the female restroom. Most arguments focus on safety and making women feel comfortable in their restroom. Let’s take a second to really dive into that though. If a transgender male came into the women’s restroom while you were using it wouldn’t you feel like a random guy just walked in on you?? If you identify as a male, dress like a male, look like a male, then you should probably use the men’s room, right? You may not even realize a person is a transgender woman so wouldn’t that be less unconformable than sharing a bathroom with someone who clearly looks like a male? (I mean have you even seen those old Maury shows?? Those are proof alone that you cannot always pick a transgender individual out from a group.) For me this seems like common sense but honestly I could care less what restroom anyone uses. I’ve gone into men’s rooms multiple times throughout my life and was never taken advantage of or even sexually harassed. And I’m not just talking about single use bathrooms. Sexual predators and criminals are out there. There is no argument there but they are going to break the law whether or not transgender individuals can use the bathroom of their choice, hello they’re criminals! What makes you think a silly law would keep them from doing anything? Plus if we keep this bill in place can’t you make the argument that it will be easier for a male predator to enter the women’s restroom? I mean how are you supposed to distinguish a transgender male or a born male? Won’t they both look like men? Now with this bill can’t just any old man come waltzing into the bathroom under the pretext that they are actually a transgender male? I feel like this would be much easier for sexual predators to do than dressing up like a woman just to enter the bathroom. 

So for me, arguments in favor of the bill don’t hold much weight. And also on a slightly unrelated note when I was in pre-kindergarten we used a co-ed bathroom with NO STALLS. Literally the entire class would walk into a large bathroom that just had toilets lined up again the wall (nothing dividing them) and we would all go at the same time, boys and girls. (Crazy right??) So if that was acceptable I don’t see how a transgender female using the stall next to you would be an issue. But that’s just my opinion.