Kennedy’s Room

Finally getting around to finishing up the kiddos rooms!

I know it really hasn’t been long since we moved in but for a while we had both big kids sharing a room with another room full of random dressers with all their clothes so yeah, it feels good to finally get their stuff organized!

First up is Kennedy’s room!

Now we didn’t have huge budgets for updating her or Waylens rooms because we had so many other rooms in the house that were completely empty. Instead of starting from scratch I tried to reuse things for Kennedy’s old room while adding some new fun accents.

In Kennedy’s last space she had a large black shiplap accent wall. In this house now, I’m more about accent wallS then just one wall ha. So for her new bedroom we added a small wood detail against the back wall and also some fun, flirty decals up her reading nook. Chappy teases that I have an addiction to decals now but they are just SO easy and really make a huge difference in the space.

I’ll try to link everything below but since some things are a few years old I’ll link something similar if I can’t find it!

Dresser: Ikea

Dresser knobs: Old Target

Mirror: Target

Bed: Babyletto

Rug: Lorena Canals

Sheets: Crate and Kids

Quilt: Little Unicorn

Throw Blacket: Crate and Kids

Rattan Chair: Homegoods

Baby Bassinet: Bohmenian Mama

Flowers: World Market

Picture Frame: IKEA (I added my own matting)

Chair: Crate and Kids

Bookcases: IKEA Spice Racks (we painted them black

Garland: Felt Balls

Rainbow Weaving: Etsy

Decals: Urban Walls

Light: Lowe’s

Let me know if you have any questions! Hope you love it as much as we do!

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