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One Month with Ryan

One whole month with sweet little Ryan! Where does the time go??

The last month has been so fun and we all have been soaking up all the newborn snuggles.

At her two week check she was back to her birth weight which meant we could let her sleep at night and ever since she’s been doing one 6-7 hour stretch. It’s great buttt it’s also usually 6:30-1:30 so I’m still not getting the full 6 hours myself. After that she’ll do anywhere from 1.5-4 hour stretches. And she lovessss to make up all the milk she missed in the AM where she’ll clusterfeed all morning. Ha.

Her “witching hour” isn’t too bad right now. It basically just consists of her eating on and off from 5-6/7 ish. She also is my spittiest babe yet so I try to keep her from overeating too much before bed and always keep her head elevated for 20 minutes before I lay her down.

She’s already rolled belly to back while on tummy time starting at about one week old but that’s basically because she has a bit head ha.

Ryan looks like the perfect little mix between Waylen and Kenny and they both absolutely adore her. We’ve been really lucky so far with our kiddos because we’ve never really had to deal with the jealousy factor. I cannot wait until shes older and can run around with the rest of the gang.

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