Parenting, pregnancy

Ryan’s First 48

My biggest concern about having a baby during a pandemic… Who was going to take my Fresh48 pictures?!?

Yes- I realize, such a first world problem but some of my favorite squishy newborn pictures of Kennedy and Waylen came out of our Fresh48 sessions PLUS this kid is already susceptible to the “third child syndrome” (aka not getting the same special treatment the first ones got,) so there was no way I could skimp out on these pictures.

That’s where being a photographer came in real handy. I decided if I couldn’t have a photographer come and take them I would just have to do it myself! I packed my camera, tripod, and remote and literally, less than 24 hrs after delivery, I took my own Fresh48 pictures.

Honestly- it was silly BUT also so special to capture all those little details myself. I’m so glad I decided to make it happen even with Covid and get these pictures taken. Feel free to browse some of my favorites below!

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