House Projects

Playroom Update

Guys we have a playroom!! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a room in my life! Ha.

I mean, it even has doors so although they technically are see through with the glass, we can still shut them which is sooooo nice.

We went from an 1000 sqft apartment where one small basket of toys would literally take over the entire place, to a designated play room. My mama heart is so happy!

My goal for the room was for it to be fun, inviting, and practical! While I LOVE all those super pretty and designed rooms, I wasn’t sure how realistic it was going to be for us. I tried my best to make the space aesthetically pleasing while also realizing all our favorite toys aren’t necessarily the prettiest and that’s okay too.

I’ve tried to link most of the big items below but feel free to ask for a link if I happened to miss something!

• Light Fixture: World Market

• Wall Decals: Urban Walls

• Pickler Triangle and Ramp: Rad Children’s Furniture

• Cube Storage Cabinet: Ikea

• Cube Storage Baskets: Container Store

• Couch: Nugget

• Kid’s Table (the metal one from target is actually too tall for the “matching” target chairs): Wayfair

• Kid’s Chairs: Target

• Rope Storage Baskets: Target

• Metal Wire Baskets: Amazon

• Ball Pit: Amazon

• Play Refrigerator: Amazon

• Play Kitchen: Ikea

• Shopping Cart: Amazon

• Picture Frames: Ikea

• Prints: Etsy

• Chalk Paint: Home Depot

• Chalk Holder Ledge: Amazon (these are actually Picture Frame Ledges)

Hope you guys like the space as much as we do!

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