Waylen is FOUR!

My first baby is four… FOUR!! How it that even possible? I mean is he even considered a toddler anymore??? He’s like a real kid 😭 I just can’t believe it!

He is seriously the best, funniest, wild, most loving and adventurous kid I know. And yeah I’m bias but I don’t care. He really is awesome.

First of he is a great big brother. His love and interest in both his little sisters is just amazing to watch. He loves bringing Ry toys while on tummy time and almost always makes sure Kennedy gets a treat too if he’s getting one.

Some of his favorite things to do these days are building forts, dressing up, reading a million books, playing kitchen, and pretending he’s an omnidrode. His favorite movies are the Incredibles and Frozen. Specifically the ice cutters in frozen and the omnidrode in the Incredibles. Ha. While every other kid is singing “Let it go” Waylens singing “Born of cold and winter air and mountain rain combining…”

He also is obsessed with Buddha and ancient Egypt. He saw pyramid in his map book and the rest is history. Ha.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to do preschool this year because of Covid but I cannot wait to see what he’s like next year in pre-k. We did try getting him some safe socialization through soccer but that was a big flop ha.

Some of my favorite things about Waylen these days are our cuddle sessions, listening to his wild stories, and watching him obsess over baby Ryan. She is definitely not short on cuddles or kisses from her Big Brother.

He is seriously my tiny bff and I cannot believe he is already so old!! I mean next year he’ll be 5! Ahhhh ..! Brb CRYING 😭

Love this little dude of mine 🖤

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