One Week Postpartum

Alright guys- I’m here to talk about the nitty gritty. Swelling, stitches, engorgement, so if you don’t care about that, don’t read.

It’s been one week since delivery and considering this is my third go around I feel like I’ve got my recovery routine down pat.

I’m a pretty simple gal so my routine is nothing too fancy. I don’t buy any “postpartum” tools or accessories. I basically just use products most hospitals provide, with one exception- diapers.

Oh my love of depends diapers. Ha. Yes some people love those mesh hospital undies but they are too big for me so they are constantly falling off plus the pads they put in them are literally the size of my arm. Yes, glamorous, I know. So for me diapers are the best! Keeps you all secure in those ‘longest period of your lifeeeee’ days and also aren’t too tight like some pads & undies combos are so it gives your swollen lady bits a little more room to breath. Haha. But really.

Besides that- tuck pads, dermoplast, ice packs and warm baths are your friends! Right after delivery I advise to ICE PACK IT UPP. Not just for the discomfort but for the swelling. Keep rotating those guys for a few hours after to really make a difference. Also get moving ASAP. The more you move the better you’ll end up feeling.

Capturing our own Fresh48 😆

Oh and guys- don’t forget the stool softener. Trust me. I’ve never had any postpartum poop issues, ever. So don’t be afraid to send your hubby to the store to grab some for you when you guys home. In my not-so-professional option I say take it until you start feeling like yourself again, and then take it for another week. Just to be safe. 💩

Now for me personally, recovery has been pretty good again this time around. I’m back down to 98lbs, my prepregnancy weight and my belly is still soft and squishy BUT making its way back to its original shape.

My tailbone was MUCH sorer this time and OH MY GOSH those nursing contractions were like the real deal but besides that I was feeling pretty much myself around 24-48 hrs post delivery.

Once home I stopped icing BUT if you’re still in a lot of discomfort, keep it up. Instead of ice though, for me I switched over to warm baths. Basically it is a way for me to relax and also promote healing, (yes even with stitches!) Now every doctor is different but mine encourages baths even with tearing so just follow what you and your doctors are comfortable with!

Then bathroom time is filled with peri bottle, dermoplast, and tuckpads for any extra tender areas. I usually use them for my stitches.

Now let’s talk boobs. If you want me to recommend the best creams, ice packs, things for cracked nips… I’m not your gal. I don’t know if I’m just lucky or have a high pain tolerance, or maybe just nipples of steel. I don’t know. Ha. But I’ve been so blessed and have never had to deal with any of that stuff. Ever. So if you’re dealing with any of it, I say reach out to an ibclc in your area to help! Now let’s talk.. Engorgement. Those first few days after your milk comes in, hello Pan Anderson boobs. Like for real. It’s gonna look and feel like they’re about to explode. If you’ve ever considered a boob job, take a good look now, this is what they’d look like. Ha

The best thing to do during this time is to just nurse! Pumping at this point will just prolong the engorgement so I recommend avoiding it if at all possible. Instead take hot showers, use a heating pad, and hand express when you just can’t take it anymore. You could also try using a haakkaa on the opposite nursing side if you are really struggling to find relief. Don’t worry though, your supply will start to regulate and in a couple of days the discomfort will go away.

Also if you are breastfeeding don’t get discouraged when they start to clusterfeed! It is totally normally for them to be on and off the boob allllllll day long sometimes and I know for first time mamas it can feel like you’re maybe not making enough. This is how your babe triggers your body into production! Also it won’t last forever so there is an end in sight! Well, until another growth spurt where they start to cluster feed again 🤪 But don’t worry you got this!

Anyways hope all my random rambling about diapers and dermoplast helps! And here’s my baby because shes cute.

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