2 Months with Ryan

Already two whole months with my sweetest little bug eyed girl!

The kids are still obsessed with her and we can’t even remember life before her!

If we’re going to compare her to Waylen and Kennedy I kind of feel like she’s the perfect mix of both. She looks more like Waylen, eats more like Waylen did, poops like Kenny and sleeps more like her too. Really though she is just the happiest little thing. But I will also say this, she is the laziest tummy timer I’ve ever had ha. It’s not that she can’t lift her head, if she wants to she does with ease, she even rolls from belly to back. But about 90% of the time she’ll just lay there. Lazy as can be. Not crying or fussing at all. Just laying there with her head down ha.

Right now I’m still having her do most of her naps on me because I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH but she’s going to bed around 6:30/7 and will sleep anywhere until 12-3 am -ish.

I think she’s probably around 11-12 lbs but her official 2 month appointment isn’t until next week. We just love her so much and can not wait to see who she grows up into. Though I also will be taking allllllll the newborn snuggles I can get because time really is a thief

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